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Georgia Kouis-Fotiadis

Dear Gloria,

I cannot express what a pleasure it is doing business with Pamela. I can always depend on Pamela . She is smart, polite, a true professional and her work product is always thorough and accurate. Due to our business relationship, I will always refer fellow businesses to go to Cacciatore Insurance for their insurance needs.

Pamela is an asset to your company.


Georgia Kouis-Fotiadis


Jan Kline

Dear Gloria,

I was told that you are Pamela's boss.  I am writing to you because she is
exceptional in my eyes.  I have been collecting/reviewing-checking the
insurance certificates that come in to our company.  I have been doing this
for seven years now and I have dealt with many agents.  Being a General
Contractor, sometimes, like now, we have 8 jobs going on at one time, with
approximately 70 subcontractors for each job, all of whom have to give me
insurance.  That's a lot, not to mention we require two years complete
operations coverage and have to receive renewals as well.  Anyway, you get
the picture, lots of insurance on my desk.  When I come across an agent who
is as nice as Pamela , I just have to take the time to let her boss know.
Everytime I called with changes, she was always very polite and did my
request promptly and most importantly correctly.  Working with her again
today, made my day!  Most agents hate me for being so fussy, but I am just
doing my job.  Anyway, just wanted you to know how sweet and efficient
Pamela was to me, no matter how pickie I was.  She truly is a good employee
and I do hope you appreciate her as much as I do.

If you have any questions please feel free to call me.

Thank you!

Jan Kline


Dragonfly Restaurant

Pamela's testimonial