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Operating a business in the hospitality industry requires different insurance needs than other types of businesses. Any business that involves the commercial sale of alcoholic beverages must carry a liquor liability policy in order to protect themselves in the event of a lawsuit filed by a third party. A liquor liability policy can cover the cost of your defense as well as pay any claims for which you may be held legally liable, such as property damage caused by a patron to whom your sold alcohol.

In addition to a liquor liability policy, owners of restaurants, pizza shops, taverns and liquor stores can also benefit from workers’ compensation coverage, property insurance, liability insurance and crime insurance. Cacciatore Insurance works with numerous “A” Rated Reputable Carriers in order to provide business owners with customized insurance policies tailored or their needs. Fill out the form below to receive a quote for your restaurant, tavern or liquor store from Cacciatore Insurance or call us at  312-264-6055.


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