Group Health, Dental, & Life

Cacciatore Insurance delivers the expertise that healthcare professionals need in an ever-changing environment. We comprehensively and cost effectively manage our clients' risk so they can focus on providing superior care to patients. The Healthcare Practice evaluates, implements and maintains insurance programs for the healthcare industry. Our professionals have extensive experience working with all manner of organizations, including:

  • Hospital systems
  • Community health centers
  • Residential care organizations
  • Long-term care establishments
  • Managed care entities
  • Allied providers
  • Physician specialty groups
  • Contract groups
  • Surgicenters
  • Dialysis centers

Individual Health Insurance

As the leader insurer in Chicagoland, Cacciatore Insurance also offers individual health insurance plans. Individual health insurance is health coverage plan on an individual basis, not part of a group. The premium is usually higher for individual health insurance than for a group policy.


Group Health Insurance

Health coverage offered through a group, usually an employer or organization, to a group of people. Group plans spread the cost among the members of the group, enabling such plans to typically cost less per person and offer broader coverage than individual health insurance plans.

What is the basic difference between individual and group health insurance coverages?

An individual policy is purchased by you directly with the insurance company. With a group health insurance policy, the group is the master insured and the insurance company contracts with the group. Insurance certificates, issued to a participating member, act as your policy. Often group health insurance costs less than would have been charged had the insurance company sold individual policies to each member separately. In addition, group health insurance often contains special coverages that are not available or are very expensive on an individual basis. The purchasing power of the group makes this economically feasible.


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