Privacy Statement Policy

We value your trust. We are committed to the responsible management, use; and protection of Personal Information.

This notice describes how we collect; disclose and protect personal information.

We collect Personal Information to:

  1. Service your transactions with us; and
  2. Support our business functions

We may obtain Personal Information from:

  1. You;
  2. your transaction with us; and 
  3. third parties such as consumer-reporting agency

Based on the type of product or service You apply for or get from us, Personal Information such as:

  1. Your name;
  2. Your address;
  3. Your income;
  4. Your payment; or
  5. Your credit history;

may be gathered from sources such as applications, transactions, and consumer reports.

To serve you and service our business, we may share certain Personal Information. We will share Personal Information only as allowed by law, with affiliates such as our:

a. Insurance companies;
b. Our employee agents;
c. Our brokerage firms; and
d. Our administrators

We may also share Personal Information, only as allowed by law, with unaffiliated thrid parties including:
a. brokerage firms
b. insurance companies;
c. administartors;
d. employees and agents.

When allowed by law, we may share certain Personal Financial Information with other unaffiliated third parties who assist us by performing services or functions such as:

a. Taking surveys;
b. Marketing our products or services.

We will not sell or share your Personal Financial information with anyone for purposes unrelated to our business functions without offering You the opportunity to:
a. "Opt-out;" or
b. "opt-in;"
as required by law.

We only disclose Personal Health information with:
a. Your authorization in order to place health coverage for you;
b. As otherwise allowed or required by law.

Our employees and agents have access to Personal Information in the course of doing their jobs, such as:

a. Marketing your risk to our company representatives

We use manual and electronic security procedures to maintain:
a. the confidentiality; and
b. the integrity of;
Personal information that we have. We use these procedures to guard against unauthorized access.

Some techniques we use to protect Personal Information include:
a. secured files;
b. user authentication;
c. Encryption;
d. firewall technology; and
e. the use of detection software

We are responsible for and must:
a. identify information to be protected;
b. provide an adequate level of protection for that data;
c. grant access to protected data only to those people who must use it in the performace of their job-related duties

Employees and agents who violate our Private Policy will be subject to discipline which may include ending their employment with us.