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Cacciatore Insurance Agency Chicago

Mission Statement

Jos. Cacciatore & Co. Insurance Agency is committed to the principles of service, honesty, professionalism and excellence. We assess our client’s unique and ever-changing needs and offer the best insurance solutions at the most affordable price. We strive to be the partner of choice for customers and insurance carriers looking for long-term relationships built on a foundation of trust.

Jos. Cacciatore & Co. Insurance Agency began over 100 years ago with the core values of high ethical standards, education, exceptional service, trustworthy and competent advice to our clientele. We continue to uphold these values to bring you the best insurance program available at the most affordable cost. Our experienced staff will be able to accommodate any of your insurance request.

Jos. Cacciatore & Co. is a Member of the Society of Certified Insurance Counselor, Certified Risk Managers International and the Independent Insurance Agents of Illinois. 


CERTIFIED INSURANCE SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE(CISR): The Society of CISR is a not-for-profit organization committed to filling the need for quality insurance education and training geared toward customer service representatives. CISR courses stress the understanding and analysis of risks and exposures. CISR courses include: Insuring Personal Auto Exposures, Insuring Personal Residential Property; Insuring Commercial Property, Insuring Commercial Casualty Exposures and Agency Operations. Each course is a one day of instruction followed by an optional examination. Successful completion of all five examinations leads to the right to use the desigation Certified Insurance Service Representative(CISR).

CERTIFIED INSURANCE COUNSELORS(CIC): Your agent attaining a CIC represents a significant accomplishment. 1. Actual Experience; 2. Having completed over 100 classroom hours of formal training; and 3. Passing five rigorous written examinations. CIC's are recognized among the nation's best and most knowledgeable insurance practitioners CIC's are trained to ask the right questions and provide the right answers, saving you time and money.

CERTIFIED RISK MANAGER(CRM): To attain the CRM designation, one must complete all five courses in the program and passed extensive examinations in the following subject areas: Principles of Risk Management, Analysis of Risk, Control of Risk, Financing of Risk, and Practice of Risk Management. Due to the advanced level of the curricula, the CRM designation has gained national esteem and recognition since its origination in 1995. "By achieving the CRM designation, the agent has proven her advanced risk management knowledge and expertise, which significantly enhances her ability to protect and advise the customers she serves," stated William Hold, Ph.d.,CIC.,CPCU.,CLU, President of CRM International

CONTINUING EDUCATION ENSURES THE BEST SERVICE: One must take 20 hours of additional education every year in order to retain the CIC OR CRM DESIGNATION. These standards alone place you in the top 1% of educated insurance professionals.